Regarding the Merry Artist , 1716, while the “The new Farmer’s Child off Merry Wakefield

Regarding the Merry Artist , 1716, while the “The new Farmer’s Child off Merry Wakefield

This new tune here’s from 1 of the solitary sheet situations, so there is actually copies of one’s tune in John Gay’s This new Begger’s Opera , Sky #forty five, 1728, and Charles Coffey’s The latest Merry Cobler , Heavens #8, 1735

The fresh Shepherd sate him off, The brand new fair Housemaid she received nigh He pull’d out their Bagpipes wond’rous nice, And you will play’d Melodiously; He play’d their unique including a track, He produced it reasonable Housemaid Play, O! new Musick out of thy Bagpipes nice, Can make all my personal Anxiety to help you Ring.

O! Shepherd, O! Shepherd, quoth she, Should your time manage however, allow it; I hope today get involved in it me personally o’er once again, Getting anxiety I will disregard it, The guy play’d they once more, When he got over ahead of, And you may offered it reasonable Maid far websted her pleasure, It pleas’d their particular a little more about.

My personal Dearest Swain quoth she, Good Thousand minutes adieu; And you may, if We opportunity to dump my Way, To get it, I shall come to you.

Cf. Simpson, BBBM, p. 4 “Ah Cruel bloody future” [4/4]; Dancing Learn track “Merry Milkmaids” [6/4]; Pamelia #75 [4/4]; SMM #373. A smaller song along side exact same lines is “Brand new Housemaid of Tottenham” within the Choyce Drollery , 1656 and you will variant adaptation to “London is a superb Urban area” inside the Pills in order to Provide Depression , IV, 1719. Very similar try “The latest Hazlebury Girl” within the Cecil Sharp’s MSS and you can “The Good and the bad” inside Purslow’s Marrow Skeleton .

[There are many cuckolding tales about eron , Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles , and other Renaissance stuff off well-known stories, that were drawn up on towards the reports informed from inside the broadside ballads, which is actually a well-known topic getting broadside ballads. Listed here is one such story of which try added to verse more often than once.

A beneficial Cuckold of the Concur;

The fresh frollick miller that intic’d a maid, As he performed believe, in order to resort inside the lawless bed; But she decieved your of their purpose, Along with their own room his Wife-to-be she sent. Brand new Song is actually, The latest Bedrooms and also make

Family members does it please you to hear me talk about an excellent merry jest you to definitely later befell, Because of the of the same quality a miller as usual placed brick, But really wasn’t contented along with his very own. However, he had been deceived at nighttime, And you may took their own to possess anothers draw.

Upon a time it chanced therefore, An actual housemaid to your factory did wade, So you can work their father a batch of corn, New miller’s center with her performed burn But really he, &c.

And to obtain their objective best, The guy caused the maid to stay all day, And you may said it would be nearly morn, Prior to which he you’ll grin’d their corn: But really the guy, &c.

So when your day try over and you can invested, The home of their domestic the new miller went; The guy grabbed the new maid with your collectively, To help you whom he hence did explore their tongue. But he, &c.

Sweet=cardiovascular system, quoth he, I tell thee today, Which i made a key hope, That we it night need lie which have thee, And you can thou shalt has thy grist tole-free. But he, &c.

In the home We have a secret space, In which not one but my master tourist create been, Thy rooms around alone are going to be, And i also may come to sleep so you’re able to thee. But really the guy, &c.

Sweet spirit I prithee end up being blogs, That have maidens quiet gives consent, It is no mission to state zero, Getting I have pledged they will be therefore. Yet , he, &c.

Following to help you his partner new miller said, We e housemaid, And you will resorts their on parlor less than, To possess she actually is a great man’s child I understand: However, he was fooled at night, And you can took his or her own to possess anothers draw.

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